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Notice: Both men and women are welcomed.

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2016-06-19 Session 1 Excel (S$50) - codinggirlssession1excel.peatix.com

2016-06-26 Session 2 SQL (S$50) - codinggirlssession2sql.peatix.com

2016-07-10 Session 3 Data Visualization (S$50) - codinggirlssession3dv.peatix.com

2016-07-17 Session 4 R (Part1) (S$50) - codinggirlssession4r1.peatix.com

2016-07-24 Session 5 R (Part1) (S$50) - codinggirlssession5r2.peatix.com

2016-07-31 Session 6 Students Final Presentation Visitor Tickets (Free) - codinggirlssession6visitor.peatix.com

Amidst an increasingly competitive business landscape in an increasingly data-driven world, companies across various industries are making data analytics a top priority to stay ahead of the competition. Hence, it comes as no surprise that data analysis has become one of the hottest skills with demand outstripping supply.

Register for our Data Analytics Bootcamp and learn how to analyse datasets through hands on experience with powerful tools such as Excel, Tableau, SQL and R within 5 sessions.

The Bootcamp will be conducted by industry experts who will impart knowledge on how to apply these skills can be applied in the real world. Learn how to ask the right questions about data, derive insights using data and perform basic exploration of large complex datasets.

At the end of the course, you will gain an understanding of how insights from data can help you make strategic decisions confidently.

The Bootcamp will culminate with a final project where all participants will apply what they have learnt and present their findings in the final 6th session of the Data Analytics Bootcamp. Outstanding presentations will be published on CodingGirls official website, slideshare platforms and promoted through various social media channels.

Important Notice:

(1). Previous programming experience not required.

(2). You are strongly recommended to attend all sessions to benefit from the course. .

Kick Off Date: Start from 19th June (Detailed plan kindly refer to the syllabus below)

Venue: IDA #03-04 (July 24th will be at Skyscanner Singapore Office.39 Robinson Road #08-01 Robinson Point)


Session 01 - Data in Excel (19 Jun 16, IDA #03-04)

  1. Introduction to Data Analytics [1 hr]

  2. Excel basics: Workbook structure, formulae, inbuilt functions (eg. Pivot Tables) [1 hr]

  3. Basic VBA [0.5 hr]

  4. Project: Simple inventory management for CRUD and basic analytics requirements [3 hr]

Session 02 - Data Warehouse (26 Jun 16)

(Details will be updated later.)

Session 03 - Data Visualisation (10 Jul 16)

  1. Theory (2hrs)

- Motivation for creating visualisations

-Examples of good and bad visualisations

- Data types, visual encoding & visual perception

2. Installation of Tableau (0.5hrs)

3. Hands on Part 1: Create an interactive Tableau Dashboard (2hrs)

4. Hands on Part 1: Create a storyboard in Tableau (1hrs)

Session 04 - Statistics with R (Part 1) (17 Jul 16)

  1. Introduction to R (installation of R and RStudio)

  2. Basic R syntax/grammar (for, if, while, which, write, read etc…)

  3. Basic R statistics function (mean, min, max, as.numeric, data.frame etc…)

  4. Basic R visualisation function (plot, hist, barplot, etc…)

  5. Advanced R visualisation (grid, ggplot)

  6. Hands-on practice

Session 05 - Statistics with R (Part 2) (24 Jul 16)

  1. Basic statistics

  2. Regression Models

  3. Data Cleaning

  4. R hands-on

Session 06 - Final Presentation & Graduation (31 Jul 16)

Cancellation Policy

Plans change. We get it. But if you can't make it to a class/workshop, please email us at least 7 days before the scheduled event date. No refunds will be given after this timeframe.

CodingGirls is a Singapore-registered NGO, which aims to empower more girls to code to achieve their ambitions in tech world. All revenue will be used to cover the cost of each project.

We provide hand-on workshops, tech sharing talks and female leaders talk. Both men and women are welcomed !

Check out our website (www.codingirls.org) and follow our FB for more info: CodingGirls SG. Or you may send email to: hello@codingirls.org

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Sun Jun 19, 2016
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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National Design Centre, IDA #03-04, 188969
Series Ticket (6 sessions) SOLD OUT $150.00
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National Design Centre, IDA #03-04, 188969 Singapore
Call Amber or Ann if you could not find the place: 83186559
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